One program to do everything

We are here to make running your cinema easier

    Our software makes selling tickets easy

    Kinola has an integrated web-based ticketing software that is both capable and easy to use.

    Calendar you actualy want to use

    Programming has been our top priority when developing Kinola. Our calendar feels familiar and is easy to use. There are custom fields and optional icons that help our calendar to fit your needs.

    Entering movies has never been easier

    Kinola develops a database to make entering movies easier and is also capable of collecting information from different movie databases on the internet.

    Get to know your cinema

    Biggest advantage of being an all-in-one system is getting more information about your visitors and screenings.

    Reporting can be easy

    Being an all-in-one system Kinola can automatically generate reports. We are capable of generating reports for distributors, screenings, movies and Europa Cinemas. All reports can also be exported to Excel.

    From one small cinema to all the small cinemas

    Kinola is developed by a small art-house cinema in Tartu, Estonia.

    It means Kinola can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. There is no need to download any programs.

    Works on any device

    Kinola is web-based software wich means it can be used on any device that can connect to internet.

    Easy connection through API

    Kinola software can connect to your existing home page through API.

    Everything in the cloud

    We keep everything in the cloud. You can access Kinola from anywhere and there is no way to lose any data.

    Get more

    Kinola isn't just there to do your everyday tasks, we are actively working on solutions to make your everyday tasks easier. One way of achieving this is by providing more information about past screenings to help you make a more conscious program.

    Your life can be easier

    It isn't 2005, softwares can do so much more

    Automated reports

    No more searching for visitor numbers.

    Automated letters

    Kinola can automatically generate letters to distributors about booking screenings and reporting them.

    Import movies

    Import movies from internet databases. Days of manually entering movies is over.

    Gift cards and monthly subscriptions

    We have that.

    User friendly interface

    We have worked with a top Estonian design firm to create our user interface that would make the program easy to use.

    Active support

    Our software is never finished. We are constantly adding more features and improving existing ones.

    Already in use

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